because everybody needs a breath of fresh air

Air Testing

We left at 6am to as we needed to get on the road early as we were driving far away from the city to seek out the freshest air. First we stopped in South Canterbury where we went to the top of a mountain. Here they have a night sky observatory – the air is so unpolluted that it is one of the best places in the world to look up through telescopes and see the stars. This definitely made it onto our list. The next stop was much further south in Wanaka. Wanaka is surrounded by lakes, mountains, and glaciers and is also one of the best places to observe the Southern Lights. Again this is because the air is so clear that the sky is visible with no pollution to block the view. We had to choose between Wanaka and Queenstown and we knew this was going to be hard to beat as we settled down in the hotel for the night. The next morning, we drove across to Queenstown where we looked through some of the forests. In the end, although Queenstown was a great place, we decided that Wanaka had fresher clearer air. Next we had to visit a coastal location – this was going to be really remote and windswept! We drove along the West Coast and there was any number of places where we could harvest the air – nobody seems to live there so it was lucky we had some food in the car! The West Coast simply had to be on the list of bottling locations due to its abundance of wind that came rushing from across the Pacific Ocean.

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